• Patio de Brujas

    Ráquira, Boyacá, Colombia .

    Many legends enrich the feeling of the natives of the territory, it is time to
    feel for yourself an experience that mixes wonderful environments
    natural contrasting with the usual green, where nuances are appreciated
    ocher desert of the candelaria, culture and its daily manifestations.

    Tour the trails and landscapes of the La Candelaria desert, the viewpoint of the Saquencipa Valley.

    Meet Patio de Brujas, an enigmatic place that mixes legends and the techniques of craftsmen and potters.

  • Huellas Muiscas

    Sachica-Villa De Leyva, Sáchica, Boyaca, Colombia .

    Arriving at the archaeological site Pinturas Rupestres and marveling at the imposing scenery is an unforgettable experience, this enigmatic place has protected for thousands of years the manifestations of the natives, also integrating the natural environments that cushion the Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna of Iguaque Cradle of Muisca humanity.

    Tour passages of the High Andean Dry Forest, succulents, cacti and other xerophytic species until you reach the viewpoint of the sanctuary on the hill El Volador.

    It borders the Sáchica river until it reaches the archaeological reserve of ancient paintings depicted on the rock shelter.

  • Screed Lagoon of Iguaque

    Lake Iguaque, Villa de Leyva, Boyaca, Colombia .

    The Iguaque lagoon is located in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Chíquiza, near the municipality of Villa de Leyva in the department of Boyacá, Colombia.

    According to the Muisca legend, the goddess Bachué left the lagoon with a child in her arms. They are considered the ancestors of the entire human race. The surrounding areas are also protected as part of the Iguaque Wildlife Sanctuary.